Collection Policy

Insurance information is obtained from you or your representative prior to or at the time of admission service. Bay Medical Center will file claim(s) on your behalf based on the insurance information you provided and the benefits you assigned to the hospital as part of the financial agreement you signed at the time of service. If that information was not accurate or was not provided, please contact a representative from Bay Medical Center’s Patient Financial Services Department immediately at (850) 747-6035 or (850) 747-6243 to provide the correct information.

We are committed to a fair billing system to ensure that all patients are treated with dignity and respect. Our financial assistance to the poor and uninsured includes the following elements:

Charity care

For poor or low-income patients determined by our financial counselors to be eligible for charity care, we will provide up to the entire cost of their hospital care at no charge to the patient. The charity care guidelines take into account the patient’s household income and the size of their medical bills.

Uninsured Patients with Means to Pay

Not all uninsured patients qualify for charity status. However, regardless of ability to pay, all uninsured patients will receive a 40 percent discount on their hospital bill. The discount for uninsured patients applies to all hospital care except those having elective, cosmetic procedures. This discount does not apply to physician bills, home health or other services outside the hospital setting.

Other assistance

Bay Medical Center also assists patients in the process of qualifying for Medicaid and other programs, and we offer extended payment options for those who do not qualify for charity care.

Billing and Collection Practices for the Uninsured

Independent collection agencies must adhere to our policies and must receive approval from us before pursuing any legal action against an individual who does not qualify for charity care or financial assistance. Collection agencies used by our hospital also must follow Fair Debt and Collection Practices, behaving in a manner that treats individuals with dignity, respect and compassion.