• How to Manage Your Diabetes During the Holidays-0

The holidays can be a tricky time for anyone’s diet, especially those with diabetes. Even with a hectic schedule, it’s important to see your dietician to map out a good eating plan to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Food is usually a focal point of a holiday gathering, so as they start to fill up your calendar, be mindful of your indulgences.

A great rule to follow is the “tablespoon rule.” When you are going through the food line, take a tablespoon serving size of everything you enjoy. This smaller portion size allows you to partake in your favorites, but in moderation, so your levels don’t get out of control. Try to fill your plate with vegetable dishes and lean meats first, and when it comes to desserts, limit yourself to a few bites. If the meal is a potluck, try to bring a healthy version of your favorite holiday dish.

At a holiday party, there’s always a chance that alcohol will be served. If you decide to have a drink, try to limit yourself to just one, and make sure you are drinking it along with your meal so the alcohol doesn’t interact with your medications in the wrong way.

Staying active during the holidays is also very important. Even though it’s colder outside, you can still come up with ways to get some exercise indoors. If you are out shopping, walk a few extra laps around the mall to get some more activity. And, on days when you know you will be indulging in a larger meal than usual, add a few extra minutes to your exercise routine. If the weather permits, ask one of your family members if they’d like to go on a walk around the neighborhood after the meal is over.

Remember, the holidays aren’t every day. Relaxing your eating habits for a few parties is unlikely to be problematic, but make sure you get back to your normal routine soon after. Keep your focus on spending time with those who make the holiday season special!