Spine Surgery

Back and neck injury as well as chronic back pain affect millions of Americans. Bay Medical Sacred Heart offers some of the most advanced techniques for spine surgery in the area. In fact, more than 250 spine surgeries are performed each year at Bay using some of the most sophisticated equipment in the country.

Computerized navigation, using the Stealth® system allows our spine surgeons to direct their instrumentation into places that are not even visible to the eye. Much like a GPS, the computer actually “tracks” the surgical instrument as it moves in relation to computerized 3-D images of the patient’s anatomy. This allows the surgeon to operate using the smallest incision possible.

Our surgeons also use an innovative device called the “O-Arm” that produces three dimensional scans of the spine during the actual surgery. This allows the surgeons to see exactly how they are affecting the spine, and where the screws, plates and rods are placed while the operation is underway.

Instead of waiting until after the surgery to take X-rays and confirm the results, our surgeons can see exactly where the implants are located in relation to the spine, before the patient leaves the O.R. This provides an added level of safety for the patient and could eliminate the need for revision surgery.

Bay offers the entire spectrum of spine surgery, from cases that may be done with minimally invasive techniques to those requiring more complicated fusion.