Hyperbaric FAQ

Is It Safe?

The hyperbaric medicine department at Bay Medical Center takes appropriate steps to ensure the patient’s safety. The new hyperbaric chamber meets all international, federal, state and hospital safety guidelines. All patients must be screened by staff physicians before being approved for treatment. All treatments are attended by specially trained physicians and staff who are highly experienced in the practice of hyperbaric medicine.

Will Insurance Cover Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, provide coverage. To maximize patient convenience and control costs, treatment is administered on an outpatient basis whenever feasible.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Patients may be referred to the Bay Medical Hyperbaric program by their physicians, with whom we collaborate during treatment. Patients with problem wound conditions should consult with their personal physicians to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is appropriate. All patients are returned to their private physicians following completion of treatment. Call 850-747-6950 for more information or e-mail us.